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    AUSTIN, TX – August 8, 2016.  Southern Champion builds presence at the 3rd Annual Texas Bar and Nightclub Convention. Since the birth of its premium spirit lines in April, Southern Champion has been moving product across the United States and focusing energy towards on premise opportunities.

    austin-picHosted by the Texas Bar and Nightclub Alliance, the convention is held in the heart of downtown Austin at Brazos Hall. The exhibition serves as a platform for Texas based companies to showcase brands, demonstrate product, and network with top bar and nightclub owners, managers, and decision makers. [Retrieved from http://www.tbnaconvention.com]

    Southern Champion debuted their new line of premium spirits as well as their line of ready-to-drink cocktails, BuzzBallz. Networking with leaders of the bar and nightclub industry created a unique opportunity for Southern Champion to sample product and allowed the company feedback and creative concepts of implementing their product into the night life scene.
    The TBNA Convention’s success is produced by the environment and energy it builds for companies to work as a collective network. Southern Champion reaped the benefits of the convention by building presence and relationships with potential partnerships for their exciting future in the night life scene.

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