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  • XIII Kings Vodka Strikes Again at MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA – January 19, 2018. For the third year in a row, Southern Champion, home of Buzzballz, makes a huge statement at the MicroLiquor Spirits Awards in November 2017 with its own spirit lines.

    Triple Gold medals were awarded to both Andrew John’s Gin and Pelican Harbor Light Rum for their exquisite tastes and standards of excellent quality. Crooked Fox Blended Bourbon Whiskey and XIII Kings Vodka both left the awards with Gold medals. Pelican Harbor Black Rum received a Silver medal.

    Andrew John’s Gin won a Gold medal in the packaging competition for its sleek, clean bottle that portrays an upscale earthy, grass-like essence. XIII Kings Vodka received a Silver medal in the packaging competition, while Pelican Harbor Light Rum and Crooked Fox Blended Bourbon Whiskey both left with Bronze medals.

    The MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the World’s Premier International Spirits Competition for small and emerging brands. The competition brings in hundreds of different brands from around the world to compete for the top medals, specifically, a triple gold medal. The MicroLiquor Awards recognizes the triple gold spirits based on extraordinary taste and the highest standard of quality and excellence, and receive the highest recommendations in the competition.

    One of the world’s most distinguished agencies for alcohol beverage package design, Flowdesign, is responsible for judging the packaging competition. The competition is based on brand concept, logo and brand identity, brand story, graphics, typography, style and legibility, and overall design among other things.

    The MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the world’s first spirits competition for small brands. Stealing some of the top honors, Southern Champion is coming home with bragging rights and nine new medals.


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